TwiceTouch® - Web Manager

Main functions for the management of man-down devices

The TwiceTouch® Manager is the web management system provided as an additional service that allows you to remotely manage all TwiceTouch® man-down devices and the alarms (voluntary or automatic) generated by them.

It is therefore particularly recommended for companies that have a significant number of lone workers.

The system is accessible from any Web-based platform and it is suitable with every browser.

  • Creation and association of TwiceTouch® App configurations remotely, with relative customization of the parameters and enabling of man-down alarm
  • Monitoring device information, including last connection and GPS status
  • Outdoor and indoor map management: use of Google Maps for outdoor location via GPS and the possibility of creating and managing customized Indoor maps, with location via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices
  • Creation and modification of devices / users / owners
  • Usage statistics and reports relating to: use of man-down safety devices, emergency events and owners
  • System compatibility for sending personalized alarms to the customer’s surveillance center, thanks to the personalized formatting of the messages that are sent.
how it works in case of emergency

Management of the Help Demand event

twicetouch manager for emergencies

Emergency events panel

Geo-localized imaging of ongoing emergencies, with the possibility of consulting the main information related to the selected event (voluntary or man-down type of event, date and time, address, battery level, status).

Help demand event management

Complete visualization and management of the emergency event with the possibility of downloading and printing reports, including real-time localization of the man-down device on alert state, both indoors and outdoors.

twicetouch manager for emergency alarms
twicetouch manager for alone workers

Device Owner sheet

Display of personal data and personal information of the user who sent the request for help. It is also possible to enrich the profile with a physical and medical description of the user and associate personal telephone numbers to the operator to contact in case of emergency.

Historic emergency events

Display of the list of all alarm events generated, with information relating to Status, Device, User and date and time of the first and last GPS position.

twicetouch manager for alerts

TwiceTouch® Manager is the ideal solution for the management of your man-down safety devices!